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An organic based lawn fertiliser with added calcium. ‘‘Slow Release Technology’’– feeds your lawn throughout the season.

Contains Organic Manure which feeds your lawn and Seaweed which helps stimulate healthy growth
Nourishes the lawn with all essential nutrients
Gives excellent indirect action against moss, inhibiting its growth, while giving the grass the nutrients it needs to inhibit moss. Moss typically breaks down after a few weeks allowing the grass to thrive - no need to rake out
Large, dust free granules for ease of spreading
An ideal feed which can be applied anytime from March to October
Application rate:

For standard lawns: apply evenly at 50g/m2 (bag covers 400m2). For lawns in poor condition: apply evenly at 125g/m2 (bag covers 200m2). Greenforce Lawn Gold will not scorch the grass when applied correctly.

General advice:

Once the product is fully watered in, children and pets need not be excluded. Keep grazing pets, such as rabbits, off treated areas for 4 weeks. The product can be used around trees in the lawn but avoid contact with the foliage. For lawns with naturalised bulbs - wait until all bulb foliage has died down before applying.

Irish declaration (%) UK declaration (%)

Nitrogen 6 6

Protected Nitrogen 3 3

Phosphorus 1 1.2 (as P2O5)

Potassium 25 30 (as K2O)

Calcium 6.3 9 (as CaCO3)

Copper 0.3 0.3

Zinc 0.4 0.4

Seaweed 1 1

Organic Material 10 10