Stanley FatMax Auto Wire Stripping Pliers  At Beattys Loughrea Galway.

Stanley FatMax Auto Wire Stripping Pliers

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The Stanley FatMax Auto Wire Stripping Pliers features bi-material handles for comfort and a firm grip when in use. The easy grip allows you to use force when crimping, stripping or cutting material. This pliers features an automatic spring to allow stripping of inner and outer sheaths on wires and cables, and has an adjustable stripping depth for quick pre-setting of known strips. When using this tool for crimping, it allows you to use colour coded terminals for insulated or non-insulated wires or cables. The stripping capacity is 0.2-6mm and length can be between 6-10mm. The crimping capacity is between 1.5-6mm. This auto wire stripping pliers also features an integrated cutting device for cutting cables or wires between 0-10mm./

  • Adjustable stripping depth
  • Bi-material handle
  • Integrated cutting feature
  • Strong & durable