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Cementone Integral Waterproofer - 25 Litre

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Cementone Integral Waterproofer - 25 Litre is an alkaline soap of mixed fatty acids which react chemically with cement to form hydrophobic salts. This waterproofer is water repellent to reduce penetration, but also water retentive to aid curing and ensure maximum strength. This waterproofer helps reduce efflorescence and lime bloom by restricting moisture movement. It aids the reduction of crazing in rich mixtures by controlling the rate of evaporation. It is chloride-free and has no corrosive effect on reinforcement. It may be used in any situation where it is necessary to construct cement based sections resistant to external water pressure, or to contain water in an enclosure. Not suitable for structural concrete./

  • Helps reduce efflorescence & lime bloom
  • Increases strength of final mix
  • Damp proofer
  • Plasticiser