Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm  At Beattys Loughrea Galway. Www.beattys.ie

Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm

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The Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm are suitable for all areas around your home and in particular kitchens and escape routes on each floor. These battery operated smoke alarms are easy to install as no wiring is involved by mounting it to your wall or ceiling and can be used in houses caravans and motor homes. It comes with a test button to allow you to check the functionality and power of the batteries at any point easily and quickly and also features a low battery indicator which will beep every 40 seconds when batteries need replacing. This smoke alarm will activate the built in alarm which can be heard three metres away once smoke particles have be detected allowing you to respond to any potential fire straight away./

  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to install
  • Test button
  • Beeps when battery needs replacing