Pestclear Rodent Repeller 3000  At Beattys Loughrea Galway.

Pestclear Rodent Repeller 3000

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The Pestclear Repeller 3000 is an ultrasonic rodent repeller for a large house. This repeller uses specific frequencies with settings for mice spiders insects mosquitoes and other unwanted house guests. It uses a very low frequency sound that is completely undetectable by humans cats dogs birds fish or reptiles. The device uses wiring within the house to be effective inside walls and ceilings. It also comes with two power settings so you can adjust the impact depending on your situation. One unit covers a whole house and it costs just a couple of cents a week to operate./

  • Repels rodents & insects
  • Designed for large homes
  • Energy efficient
  • Works inside walls & ceilings