Tomorite Liquid Tomato Fertiliser - 1 litre  At Beattys Loughrea Galway.

Tomorite Liquid Tomato Fertiliser - 1 litre

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Tomorite Liquid Tomato Fertiliser - 1 litre is a liquid concentrate plant food enriched with balanced plant foods, magnesium and seaweed extract. When diluted in water it provides a rich, brown plant food that contains all the energy and nutrients to encourage great crops of tomatoes, sweet peppers and aubergines.Because the nutrient balance is high in potash, this rich plant food is also recommended to encourage decorative plants into stronger and richer flowering and high yields of other tasty fruit and vegetables. Levington Tomorite is recommended for feeding tomatoes and other flowering and fruiting plants growing under glass, out in the garden and in growing bags or other patio containers./

  • 1 litre bottle will make up to 225 litres of full strength plant food
  • Produces top quality, full flavoured tomatoes