Fiber Tech Fixol - Rapid Repair Epoxy Putty  At Beattys Loughrea Galway.

Fiber Tech Fixol - Rapid Repair Epoxy Putty

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Fiber Tech Fixol - Rapid Repair Epoxy Putty is a powerful, versatile and resilient material used to provide permanent repairs in damp, wet or underwater applications. It has hundreds of uses in repair and maintenance in marine, automotive, agricultural, home and office environs. It can cure under water in to a very hard finish which may be drilled, sanded or painted later. It may be applied underwater, and will bond tenaciously to substances such as fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete and ceramics. The pack contains two 100mm x 22mm sticks, one pair of disposable gloves and one Wet and Dry Sanding Strip. Comprehensive instructions are also included./

  • For damp, wet or underwater applications
  • Hundreds of uses for repair & maintenance
  • Permanent
  • May be drilled, sanded & painted