Exitex Gold Auto-Seal Draught Excluder - 91.4cm  At Beattys Loughrea Galway. Www.beattys.ie

Exitex Gold Auto-Seal Draught Excluder - 91.4cm

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The Exitex Gold Auto-Seal - 91.4cm is a weather bar that is suitable for inward opening doors. Thanks to its unique design the seal ensures a barrier free access for those in wheelchairs, making it the ideal solution for public buildings. This automatic aluminium rise and fall weather excluder is suitable for both internal and external doors. Its rise and fall action is performed by stainless steel springs, when the door is opened a hinged profile rises by 25mm to clear floor coverings. This seal requires an under door clearance of up to 25mm./

  • Ensures barrier access
  • Under door clearance - 25mm
  • Ideal for wheelchairs
  • Internal & external doors