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Imaginext The Joker Surprise

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The Joker is terrifying Gotham City with his Jack-in-the-Box truck! Will the DC Super Friends be able to defeat him?

Use The Joker Surprise from Imaginext to act out crazy, prince of crime action!

Turn the Imaginext button on the hood of the truck to pop the Jack-in-the-box. Look out, it’s loaded with boxing glove missiles!

Press the Imaginext button to launch the missiles at the DC Super Friends

The Joker is dressed for summer and mischief. Pose him in and out of his truck and use push and play action to spin the sinister slot machine on the front of the truck.

Combine The Joker Surprise with other Imaginext DC Super Friends sets for every more action!

Imaginative and interactive fun for Super Friends heroes 3 and over.