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Intempo Shower Speaker - Blue

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Sing along in the shower to your favourite music and radio with this Intempo speaker, featuring a water resistant outer shell and easy access to central controls. Simply connect your phone, MP3 player or tablet using smart bluetooth technology with an amazing output up to 3 watts. Brilliantly portable, the speaker has a built in rechargeable battery for wireless audio anywhere you choose and includes a suction cup to secure the device to your bathroom tiles, fridge, desk and many more surfaces.
• The water resistant design of this portable Intempo shower speaker means you can enjoy fantastic quality audio anywhere you choose.
• Listen to the radio or simply connect your phone, tablet or MP3 player via bluetooth for instant play of all of your favourite music.
• With a built in lithium powered battery, you can easily recharge the speaker in just a couple of hours for conveniently cordless sound.
• Featuring very clear display functions in the centre, with one touch you have adjustable volume controls, play, pause, skip and more.
• The attached suction cup means you can secure the speaker to your bathroom tiles, by the kitchen sink or onto any other flat surface.