Unibond Aero Pearl Absorber Refill Tabs Lavender - Twin  At Beattys Loughrea Galway. Www.beattys.ie

Unibond Aero Pearl Absorber Refill Tabs Lavender - Twin

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Everyday activities such as cooking and taking a shower can produce up to 12 L of unwanted moisture or humidity in the air each day, which then condenses in areas with poor air circulation and can cause condensation, mould, increased allergens in the air and musty-smelling rooms.UniBond�s Power Tab refills use 2 in 1 technology, which helps combat the effects of unwanted moisture by absorbing the excess humidity and neutralising odours. For 6-8 weeks, the power tab refill will convert excess humidity into a salty solution, which is collected in the humidity absorber�s tank - watch the first drops appear within 24 hours. When the power tab refill has fully dissolved, simply pour the solution away into a toilet using the device�s spout and replace the tab with the small refill (300 g).The refills are suitable for rooms that are up to 10 metre square in size, which make them suitable solution for bedrooms, kitchens, studies and bathrooms.Don�t let your house become a sponge. Use one of UniBond�s enhanced Humidity Absorbers to combat excess humidity and neutralise odours./

  • Absorbs excess humidity and neutralises odours in your home, office, caravan or other indoor environment
  • Helps combat condensation, mould and mildew, damp rooms and allergens in the air
  • Easy to load, no mess, starts working immediately, lavender scented
  • Especially designed for smaller rooms and ideal for use in caravans and boats