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Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Family

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Frasier enjoys planning all kinds of fun events and parties to be held in Sylvanian Village. His friends in the village love him because hes always throwing wonderful parties. On his days off, he likes to bake bread for his family.

Teri is always taking care of her family and making the house a nice place to live. She always cooks delicious meals, and redesigns the childrens clothes beautifully when they grow out of them. Her children think she can do magic because she can make anything in no time at all.

Coco is good at football - he can kick a ball further than any of the other children. Hes always in a good mood and makes his friends laugh with his jokes, but he goes quiet all of a sudden in maths class because hes not very good at it.

Freya is a cheerful girl who likes having fun with her family and friends. She often invites her friends to parties at her house and gives them delicious treats shes baked with her mother. Shes very good at drawing and has won lots of prizes in school competitions.

Paddock is very frisky, running, skipping and jumping everywhere, he just cant seem to stand still for long. All this pent up energy makes Paddock very good at the playground game of catch but he is at a disadvantage when the children play a game of hide and seek.

Box Contents:
Collectable Figures with moveable arms and legs
4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister
Dressed in removable fabric clothing