Tec 7 Roof - 310ml  At Beattys Loughrea Galway. Www.beattys.ie

Tec 7 Roof - 310ml

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Tec 7 Roof - 310ml is the ultimate solution for all roof repairs and is a must have for domestic and industrial use. Tec 7 Roof is guaranteed to remain flexible for 20 years! Its unique formulation consists of butyl rubber for its long lifespan bitumen for waterproofing and glass fibre for greater strength. Suitable for use in dry and wet conditions and on sloped or flat roofs this versatile product solves problems - particularly with Ireland s wet weather. It can be applied in temperatures ranging from -12 to +50 degrees celsius. It can also be used with most roofing materials including: metal galvanised steel zinc lead copper tin wood insulation brick concrete roofing asphalt shingles PVC and polyester./

  • Remains flexible for 20 years
  • Suits most roofing material
  • Easy to apply
  • Use in wet & dry conditions