Greenblade Garden Dump Cart - 60ltr  At Beattys Loughrea Galway.

Greenblade Garden Dump Cart - 60ltr

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The Green Blade Garden Dump Cart - 60ltr can transport a variety of loads such as soils plants timber pebbles tools and more. It is made from an ultra durable and rust resistant material that can hold up to 270kg worth of materials. It is built with a unique dumping function; simply pull the spring loaded dumper release locking handle and you can tip the bed up to 85 degrees. Additionally the cart features a sturdy D shaped handle for good grip and effortless handling.

  • Heavy duty rust free polycarbonate plastic
  • Handy garden dump truck with tipping mechanism
  • 60ltr capacity

Height/Length: 93cmWidth: 50cmDepth: 20cm