• 1. BUY BETWEEN 26/06/2024 and 27/08/2024 INCLUSIVE the date of the invoice, a Weber product from the references eligible for the Offer presented above.
  • 2. LOG IN TO THE WEBSITE: before 6th of September 2024, midnight to register. Click on the "I participate" button. Please have your proof of purchase (receipt or invoice), the serial numbers of the product, your original barcode (13 digits) cut from the product packaging and your bank details ready. Fill in your postal address, your bank details (IBAN/BIC), fill in the details of your purchase and upload the supporting documents detailed in paragraph 3 below. Please make sure you respect the registration deadline and provide all the requested documents. Any registration after 6th of September 2024, and/or incomplete will not be considered eligible for the refund offer. The bank details and the name on the invoice must be in the participant's name,
  • 3. UPLOAD a photo or a legible scan of the following documents to finalise your registration: - A photo of your invoice showing the name of the participant or a receipt with the date of purchase, the price and the reference of the product purchased circled. If the reference does not appear on your receipt, you must request an invoice. Note that order forms will not be accepted. - A photo of the original barcode of eligible product (13-digit number) and the serial number of your product, which is on the shipping carton. (peeled labels will not be accepted, the cardboard must be clearly cut). - Your bank statement showing your account’s IBAN code.