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From planning to products, practical to festive, indoors to outdoors, Beattys of Loughrea has everything you could possibly think of to create a magical wonderland this Christmas.

 Here are some useful tips from our team that will help you with your Christmas décor needs.

1. Preparation is key.

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It is important to consider the area you wish to decorate. What size is it? Is the Area indoors or outdoors?  Where are your closest plugs? What is your budget for the project? Answering these questions will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part. Not to worry though, you can simply check out Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok for inspiration. Some useful Instagram hashtags to browse are #christmaslights, #christmasdecor, #christmasoutdoorlighting. It is also a good idea to consider what you hope to achieve; Traditional vs. Modern!

Top Tip: Instead of purchasing extension leads to reach your power source you can pick up lights the correct length. This is a much safer option and is also visually appealing.

2. Christmas Lights: Types and Styles

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Understanding the different types and styles of lights available is a good way to attain your preferred look. Currently the most popular lights are LEDs. They last much longer than the traditional Incandescent types and LEDs are considered highly energy efficient.

If you are hoping to achieve a modern style, then consider the Fibre Optic lighting. You will find the tips of your tree branches light up with a contemporary twinkle. These lights are also integrated in other decorations such as reindeer, gift boxes, Christmas bears and of course Santy.

Top Tip: Before purchasing any new lights, take your decorations out of storage. Make sure to test all lights, measure them against the area you want to decorate. This will make shopping and decorating easier.

Traditional Fairy Lights are the favoured choice for Christmas trees. These Lights are the most suitable for indoors and provide a sparkle to any room. Fairy lights can also be used to decorate door frames and staircases.

Looking for lights that are suitable for a pillar or outdoor tree? 

Rope Lights are Ideal for outdoor use. LED rope lights use less energy, which allows for longer lines to be connected. LED rope lights are estimated to last up to 100,000 hours.

3. Tips when decorating your Christmas tree with lights. 

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Decorating a tree is no easy undertaking but our dream Christmas tree is a great reward for our efforts. One of the biggest challenges is getting your lights right. We have put together some simple tips to make life a little easier.

To answer the question everyone wants to know… ‘How many lights should you put on your tree?

Easy answer: Start with at least 100 mini lights per foot of tree plus an extra set of lights to hang inside the tree along the trunk. 

This is a great place to start as you plan your tree decorations. From here, it’s all down to preference! If you plan to wrap into the interior of the tree several inches, have a super-wide tree, or really like to wow all the evening walkers in your neighbourhood, you may want to double that estimate. Not to worry, Beattys of loughrea stock a wide range of Christmas lights that will suit all taste and style.

Top Tip: It is best to divide your tree into three sections. Ideally working from top to bottom with the aim of creating a triangle. This will allow you to take breaks to check your progress and see if you need to fill any gaps.

If you are new to the Christmas décor game, don’t feel like you must purchase everything at once. Start off with the basics and you can grow your Christmas collection each year. Invest in some high-quality storage so that your decorations are protected until you need them.

Top Tip: Have fun! Décor for Christmas is so personal. Once you and your family love your decorations, that’s all that matters.

4. Safely Decorate.

A man is standing in front of a tree outside decorated with LED Lights.
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The misuse of Christmas lights can present a fire hazard, but this can be easily avoided. For the safe installation of your Christmas lights follow our team’s advice.

1. Use Christmas lights that have fuses in the plug. Fuses prevent lights overheating by opening the circuit (aka blowing) whenever the current surpasses a safe level reducing the chance of the lights catching fire.

2. Choose lights that are considered safe and hold a European CE mark. This will be noted on the packaging.

3. Extension leads and adapters can be useful to help you create your desired display but don’t overrun your Leads and adapters. Battery and solar powered options are an alternative for hard-to-reach places. When using extension leads make sure you have researched how to use them correctly. Check out this great article by Topline Ireland. 

4. When changing bulbs use the correct type and voltage. Consider changing bulbs as soon as needed.

5. Any sign of wear and tear is a good indication that you need to up- date your lights. Using hoods and clips for hanging outdoor lights will protect your lights and give them a longer life.

6.Ensure all lights are switched off when going to bed or leaving the house. Lights should never be left on unattended.

7. When hanging lights outside ensure they are suitable for outdoor use. This is usually stated on the packaging.

For more Information check out this article from Dublin County Council: 

Please note Images were source from Unsplash and Pexel.

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